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About Me

  Welcome.   My name is Ioanna (JoAnne) and I am a photographer living life between New York and Florida.

I was born in Hellas (Greece) on the Island of Lemnos.

  My first memories of  Lemnos are of  the bright blue sunny days, the shimmering  waters of the Aegean Sea ,

the vivid colors of red poppies flowers in the spring, and the sweet fragrance of freshly baked  bread .  

  Lemnos is , where my ancestors made their home. My parents immigrated to the United State of America like many

immigrants looking for a better life for their children and themselves. We  lived on the upper east side then

settled in Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood on the West side of Manhattan, New York where I was raised.

  My favorite activity as a child was walking around Manhattan with my Olympus Camera photographing the sites and people around me.

  As a young woman, my love of traveling kicked into high gear and I traveled all over the United States

and across the globe. It was during these travels that I found my love of scuba diving.

I would say traveling the world is in my DNA.

   For me, photography is more than taking beautiful images.  As a Photographer , I am always searching for beautiful moments occurring in everyday life. I view every photo shoot as an opportunity to capture those moments and share them with the world.

  My Eyes have seen infinite colors through the eye of my Lens. I am in love with capturing the view

that is in front of me. My bliss and source of inspiration is travel.

  The energy, sound, colors and soul of a place stimulates my creativity. My sense of adventure, inquisitiveness and perceptiveness is what I capture through my lens.

  I love the power that photography brings and the capacity to evoke emotions to the viewer.

As a creative and artistic person, I use both my experience and emotions to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of everything I photograph.

  So Please have a look through my site to see my work.

Learn more about me and contact me directly for more information .