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Meet the Photographer

Ioanna Sofia

Ioanna Sofia  was born in in Greece on the northern Aegean Island of Limnos in 1962. Having grown up next to the sea her earliest memories are of bright blue sunny days, the shimmering waters of the Aegean Sea, and the vivid colors of red poppies flowers in the spring.


At the age of seven Ioanna immigrated to the vastly different world that is New York city. As a young girl, you could find her wandering around Manhattan with her Olympus camera photographing the sites, flowers, people, or anything that caught her eye.

Ioanna cultivated her photography as she travels around the world. It became a collaboration between the artist and the land. Ioanna cherishes this connection with nature. The images, that Ioanna took on her adventures in the landscapes, are only part of the narrative.

During her travels Ioanna discovered scuba diving and fell in love with the underwater terrain and the creatures that inhabit them. She feels inspired by the artistic exchange between nature and the artist, the energy, sound, colors, and soul of a place stimulates her creativity. “I try and capture my sense of adventure and curiosity through my lens and then share these treasures with the world. I love the power that photography brings and the capacity to evoke emotions in the viewer.”

Ioanna’s fascination with capturing nature has brought her to all 7 continents on land and underwater. She has also been able to exhibit her work all over the globe and is proud of every piece that is hanging on a wall of someone who felt the same excitement about the photo as she did when she captured it.